Dark Horse The Complete First Season

Dark Horse The Complete First Season

Dark Horse The Complete First Season

Dark Horse The Complete First Season
  • Dark Horse Episode 1 "Tenebris Equus Principium"

    Dark Horse a dark and gritty show starring Derrick Harrison played by Emery L. Johnson from Triangle the Web-Series Triangle. Takes you on a ride through the trials and escapades through the underground life Derrick has embarked on. See what this new life has to offer and how quickly it can corru...

  • Dark Horse Episode 2 "To Tame a Wild Horse"

    In this episode of Dark Horse. Derrick realizes that in order to move forward into the future he will have to revisit his present past. Derrick goes deeper in his vices and Coco gets an unexpected visitor.All this and more.

  • Dark Horse Episode 3 "Mixed Breed"

    Derrick runs into another person from his past. Coco is trying to figure out how to handle this new nuisance. Raven and Jarell enter the story. Derrick realizes some of the dangers that comes with his new profession. all this and many more...

  • Dark Horse Episode 4 "Black Stallion"

    Derrick is finding himself getting accustomed to this lifestyle but quickly finds out otherwise. A new face comes into the equation and Derrick musters up the strength to finally question Coco.Derrick finds out that he needs to be more careful. All this and more.

  • Dark Horse Episode 5 " One Trick Pony"

    Derrick decides to take on escorting by himself with some advice from Raven. He quickly learns it's not that easy. This episode you will meet some of his new clients and an old one with a unexpected confession! Stay tuned.

  • Dark Horse Episode 6 "Off to the Races"

    Raven comes up with a plan with Derrick & Jarell to deal with Coco. Neil and Derrick come to an impasse. Derrick starts his next journey.