Triangle Blue Velvet

Triangle Blue Velvet

Jabril and Brandon go on a journey to see if they can make their marriage work.

Triangle Blue Velvet
  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 1 For Better Or Worse"

    Brandon and Jabril go to marriage counseling much to Jabril's chagrin. Brandon tells him he will go through with his threat if he doesn't cooperate with him. Alloura mediates with them privately. Brandon gets a surprise. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 2 "August Woes"

    Brandon is shocked to find out some of his fathers secrets. Jabril stance starts to soften .August tells Brandon his side of the story. Jabril calls some help to get Brandon to understand the situation. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 3 "Breakthrough"

    Brandon is still reeling from the revelations about his family. Jabril and Brandon argue about their past and revealed some wounds that have still not healed. Alloura reconnects with someone from her past. All this and more

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 4 "Divulgence"

    A glimpse into Alloura and Lenny's relationship and their story to come.

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 5 "Healing Takes Time"

    Brandon and Jabril continue to work on their marriage. Alloura tries to deal with the recent revelations she has learned from Lenny.Plus Jabril and Brandon face some things together.

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 6 "Middleman"

    Alloura feels that she is not getting enough space to deal with things. Brandon ask Jabril to help with the planning of his birthday. Brandon's uncle comes to visit. Jabril is put in the middle of an argument. Brandon confronts his recent past. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 7 "Don't Be Jealous"

    Triangle Blue Velvet is back from its break! In this episode. Alloura makes a decision about her and Lenny. Will she be able to accept the ramifications? Brandon wants to lead Jabril to a higher power. Chloe starts to become entrenched in the story with her search for Kat. Jabril invests in some...

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 8 "Keeping Up With The Jones"

    TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 8 "Keeping up with the Jones" Trailer . In this episode Brandon's family come to see him for his birthday. August and Brandon talk about his place in his life. Brandon and his dad talk about their issues about his secret. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 9 "Beautiful Nightmare"

    TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 9 " Jabril and Brandon go to visit Jarell in his coma. Jarell is in a place between life and death. Jabril starts to get a vibe from Chloe. Alloura makes a final decision in her relationship with Lenny. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "Blue Velvet" Episode 10 "Memory Lane"

    August and Brandon bond as he asks him questions about him and Jabril's relationship. August confides information about his personal life to his brother. Brandon and Jabril talk about the progress of their marriage. All this and more.

  • Triangle Blue Velvet Ep 11 "Stranger in my House "

    Brandon gets an unexpected surprise from August in his house. Brandon does his best to give his brother dating advice. August is forced to tell the truth to his family. Brandon's dad tells his kids his plans for the future. All this and more.