On the outside, Logan and Gary have it all. In fact, they're an anomaly amongst their circle of friends. Both are equally attractive, successful in their careers, beautiful home and a love others envied. But, after being together for five years, Gary, the more outgoing one has a special request for his birthday. A trip, no. Romantic dinner by the water, no. A threesome. Gary wants to experience something he’s only fantasized about while jacking off to his favorite porn flick.
Logan, the more reserved of the two, is reluctant, but eventually caves him. Gary justifies his fantasy by saying they need to do something wild before they get married. But, Logan feels that he’s enough. They agree that both must approve the third person.
While at a club, a man heavily flirts with Gary. He introduces himself as “Ty.” Gary is flattered, but cuts the conversation short when Logan walks over and gives him a jealous look. Ty takes the hint walks off. Gary detects Logan’s simmering jealousy and jokingly ask him if he thought Ty was attractive. Logan says nothing. Gary suggest if he does they can approach him about the threesome.
Later that night, they run into Ty outside the club. With Logan’s permission, Gary gives Ty is number.
They meet for dinner and proposition him. Gary does most of the talking. Ty is intrigued by Logan’s reserved nature and questions if it something he’s willing to do. Logan puts on a front as if the threesome idea was all his idea.
They set a date. On this night, their lives are changed forever. Ty and Logan have unexpected, passionate sexual chemistry. He gets Logan to do things Gary couldn't. Gary feels left out as Ty focused more on Logan instead of him. Gary realizes the next morning that it was not for him but he is thankful that he knows Logan is only for him.
Logan and Gary start to have small problems what makes it worse is when he comes home and finds Ty in his home eating dinner because Logan invited him over
Next, comes a series of events that bring Logan and Ty in close proximity of each other. Logan begins to loosen up, switching up his style and even trading glasses for contacts. He confides in his BFF Nya that he’s finding himself attracted to Ty.
Gary tells his BFF, David that doing the threesome was a big mistake. Him and Logan begin to drift further apart. Logan seeks Ty out and they began to have an affair.
Forbidden and dangerous. He goes to confront Ty and discovers Logan already there. Gary is driven to the brink of desperation and he begins to plot the downfall of his lover and the man that destroyed their happy home.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 1 "New Horizon"

    Meet Gary Porter and Logan Bradshaw. They've been in a relationship for 5 years and have just relocated to Easton. Watch how they explore unchartered territory for Gary's 30th birthday. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 2 "Use Your Brain"

    Gary and Logan make up from their previous fight.Ty and Logan run into each other unexpectedly. Gary finds a surprise waiting for them at home. Ty reminds Sebastian of his rules.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 3 "Expectations"

    Logan and his best friend Nya meet up and talk about recent events. Sebastian receives help from is sister with advice. Gary and Logan talk. Ty tells Sebastian what he can and can't do. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 4 "Go With the Flow"

    Sharon tries to get to the root of Gary's issues.Sebastian makes plans for his sister and Ty. Ty and Sharon have a disagreement. Gary witnesses something and decides to take a chance. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 5 "Liar,Liar "

    Ty lays down the rules for Sebastian. Logan shares his feelings with Nya. Gary mistakenly overhears something. Logan confronts someone and gets an unexpected reaction. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 6 "Sheep's Clothing "

    Logan and Nya have a heart to heart about what Gary did. Gary has to deal with the consequences and starts spiraling out of control. Sharon's friend Peter enters the picture and meets someone else on the canvas. Ty and Sebastian officially call it quits.Sebastian's naivety becomes someones focus....

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 7 "Mask Off "

    A few weeks has passed and Gary and Sebastian have grown very close. Ty asks Peter for a favor. Sharon attempts to get to the core of Gary's issues. Someone gets an uninvited visitor in their home. Ty opens up. Sebastian gets some bad news. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 8 "Broken MIrror "

    Peter attempts to take Sharon's mind off her clients which gets a different result then he expected. Ty and Gary run into each other. Sharon taps more into Gary's psyche. Ty and Peter become closer. Gary becomes riskier in his behavior. All this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 9 "Succumb "

    Gary struggles with his dark side. Nya accompanies Logan back to Easton. Nya pushes him to make some decisions. Gary is confronted about something. Ty is encouraged to go after what he wants. Logan finds out some of Gary's secrets. all this and more.

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm " Ep 10 "Enter Drake "

    In the Season 1 finale the storm that has been brewing becomes an all out hurricane.Sharon gets an unwanted visitor at her doorstep. Logan wakes up next to Ty and makes a decision. Gary is unable to hold back his inner demons. Sharon make a a startling discovery and later finds out worse news. Pe...

  • TRIANGLE "The Secret Storm Special" "Disturbia"

    The conclusion to the first Season of Secret Storm. Drake has taken over Gary and is in a conundrum with Alex. Is he the only personality present?. Sharon is in a dark place and wants vengeance for her brother. Will she get it? Logan comes back to town for answers. All this and more.